ACE Impact project releases Guidebook for Successful Implementation of Digital Education 

The ACE Impact project has successfully published ‘The Guidebook to a Successful Implementation of Digital Education’.  The Guidebook, which is made available in English and French, explains e-learning effectively and aims to guide decision- makers of higher education institutions  through the major change processes that digital education implementation represents. It also attempts to provide institutions with ideas on how to choose the most effective learning methods based on the competencies to be developed by their student body, and the broader institutional context. Among other relevant topics, this book presents content covering the following areas: Digital Education definitions and related terms; innovation and trends in higher education; and digital education readiness assessment and approaches to successful implementation.  The Guide also provides decision makers with introductory knowledge of digital education. The rapid evolution of methods, techniques, and approaches surrounding the development of digital education required the establishment of a guide to support higher education institutions, governments, and other stakeholders in navigating this important terrain. These programs must meet quality requirements for both the content they are delivering, as well as the technologies they use to deliver it.




The Guidebook was developed based on specialized literature and is inspired by global best practices of institutions that are leaders in this field. The book further provides readers with practical support tools that will help them better understand the concepts presented in this guide and facilitate the implementation of digital education at their respective institutions. The guide integrates content on pedagogical strategies, which are sometimes overlooked but are essential to the success of any digital education program. The book concludes with a call on all stakeholders to make the necessary efforts to contribute to the successful implementation of an e-learning initiative within their institution.