Workshop Presentations and Documents

Tenth ACE Workshop and ACE Impact Bootcamp
Day 1
14TH ACE I PSC Meeting Agenda(English)
14TH ACE I PSC Meeting Agenda (French)
ACE Impact PSC Meeting Agenda (English)
ACE I Workshop Agenda(English)
ACE Impact Bootcamp Agenda (English)
ACE I Workshop Agenda (French)
ACE Impact Bootcamp Agenda(French)
Press Release (English)
Press Release (French)
Guidance note on Sexual Harrasment Policy (English)
Guidance note on Sexual Harrasment Policy (French)
Plenary Presentations
Presentation on Technical Assistance
Results Based Financing
M&E Update
ACE Impact Overview
Policy Measures on RE & EE Deployment in ECOWAS
Innovative model Partnership University Enterprises
Djibouti Cerpage
Master International and Logistics strategies
Key message, Questions and Answers
Summary of Vice Chancellors' session
Digitalization of Higher Education
2iE's presentation on accreditation
UFHB Presentation
Summary of presentation on International Accreditation
Summary of presentation on E- learning
ACENTDFB's presentation on student centeredness
ACEs with Internationally accredited programmes
Presentation on Communication
Presentations on Sectoral Partnerships
Experts Presentation
CEA- SMA Presentation
OAK Park Presentation
AAU Secretary General's Speech
ACE I Presentations
Next Key Steps
Workshops Feedback (2014-2018)
Performance and Support Form (English)
Performance and Support Form (French)
ACE Impact Presentations
ACE Impact Selection Process
Project Overview
Lessons from ACE I and ACE Impact DLIs
ToR for ACE Impact Experts
Implementation Plan Template
Draft Mapping of Experts
Tips for developing an IP (English)
Tips for developing an IP (French)
3rd Workshop Presentations - 2015
2nd Workshop Presentations - 2014
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  1. Agenda
  2. Project Update