Centre for Food technology and Research (CEFTER)

Center Title and Acronym: Centre for Food Technology and Research (CEFTER)


Host University and Country: Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria

Center Website Address: www.cefterbsu.edu.ng

Center Director and email address: Prof. Daniel K. Adedzwa (profadedzwa@gmail.com)


Primary Thematic Discipline of Center: Control of Postharvest Losses


Brief Description of Center: The Centre for Food Technology and Research housed in Benue State University Makurdi, Nigeria is one of the Africa Centre of Excellence for Control of Post harvest losses. It took off in the 2015/2016 session admitting higher degree students in M.Sc. and PhD all related to food production technology



Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes: The key objective of CEFTER is to promote teaching, research and extension in post harvest services, enhance agricultural productivity and industrial output for the socio-economic development of Nigeria and Africa. The Centre has a research focus: Development and Utilization of improved technologies to reduce post harvest food losses.



Major Accomplishments to Date: The major accomplishment of the Centre to date:

  1. Training of students in research activities at the M.Sc. and PhD levels
  2. Successfully organized workshops for food vendors across the state
  3. Assist her institutional partners in developing their infrastructures
  4. Granting of sponsorship to students i.e. tuition, accommodation
  5. Grant research, workshop and conference to staff and students



Primary Regional and Global Partners:

Primary Partners:

  1. University of Agriculture, Makurdi
  2. Nigeria Stored Products Research Institute, Ilorin
  3. Benue Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, Makurdi
  4. Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture, Yandev
  5. National Root Crop Research Institute, Umudike


Global Partner:

  1. Liverpool John Moore University, Uk



Senior Faculty Email Address Research Area

Prof. Daniel K. Adedzwa

profadedzwa@gmail.com Plant breeding and Genetics
Dr. B. A. Ikyo Ikyo12@yahoo.com Photonics
Dr. O. Igbum ogbenebenny@yahoo.com Chemistry
Dr. S. Adejo soadejo@gmail.com Chemistry





Benue State University Staff
S/N Name Designation e-mail Phone
1. Prof. Daniel Adedzwa Centre Leader d_adedzwa@yahoo.com 07036409502
2. Dr. Barnabas Ikyo Project Manager ikyo12@yahoo.com 08185069529
3. Prof. Innocent A. Adikwu HOD. Biological Sciences adikwukate@yahoo.com 08035897463
4. Dr. Ogbene Igbum HOD. Chemistry ogbenebenny@yahoo.com 08033116421
5. Dr. Ayila Ngutsav HOD. Economics   08065716118
6. Dr. Michael Imande HOD. Maths/Computer Sc. imandemichaelt@yahoo.com 08036389337
7. Dr. Mrumun David Tyona HOD. Physics dtyona@gmail.com 08065716143
8. Dr. Benjamin Ahule HOD. Sociology bahule@bsum.edu.ng 08065310770
9. Dr. Benedict Labe HOD. Voc. and Tech. blabe@bsum.edu.ng 08053471512
10. Dr. Pauline Akombo Dept. of Biological Sciences mbakaanpauline@yahoo.com 07038141372
11. Dr. Sylvester Adejo Dept. of Chemistry soadejo@gmail.com 08054557652
12. Dr. Agnes Ikwuba Dept. of Sociology   07037782511
13. Dr. Naomi Doki Dept. of Economics onyeje80@yahoo.com 07035945857
14. Dr. Leke Luter Dept. of Chemistry l.leke@bsum.edu.ng 08037058236
15. Dr. Anhwange B. Asen Dept. of Chemistry banhwange@gmail.com 08057050242
16. Dr. Simon Iordye Andural Dept. of Voc and Tech sandural@bsum.edu.ng 08036294222
17. Dr. Michael M. Iorbee Dept. of Voc and Tech miorbee@bsum.edu.ng 07033011140
18. Dr. Nathaniel N. Afaor Dept. of Voc and Tech nathafaor@gmail.com 08161818299
19. Akombor Ande Akombor Dept. of Physics akombor2005@gmail.com 07038102024
20. Dr. Frederick Gbaorun Dept. of Physics fredgbaorun@gmail.com 07038635405
21. Dr. James Tsor Dept. of Physics orduentsor@yahoo.com 08057616381
22. Dr. Anjande Gbasorun Dept. of Economics ganjande@yahoo.com 08030591764
23. Dr. Obute Christopher Dept. of Economics Chrisobi1960@yahoo.com 08037871272
24. Dr. Comfort Ugbem Dept. of Sociology Erimas2002@yahoo.com 08069208451
25. Dr. Godwin Akpehe Dept. of Sociology windongu@gmail.com 08034944921
26. Dr. Kombol M. Aondover Dept. of Chemistry    
27. Dr. Timothy Alabar Entrepreneurship Alabar2006@gmail.com 08065313110
28. Dr. Aondowase Boh Entrepreneurship Sekav2007@yahoo.com 07067725625
29. Dr. Mike S. Nongo PG School   07031621917
30. Prof. Armstrong Adejo Dean, PG School   08020379050
31. Dr. Avanenge Faajir Dept. of Biological Sciences    
32. Prof. Edward A. Omudu Dept. of Biological Sciences   07036449654
33. Prof. Joseph Fiase Dept. of Physics    
34. Prof. Lawrence A. Ega Dept. of Sociology   08036139928
35. Dr. Stephen G. Yiase Dean of Science    
36. Dr. Godwin Ior Achinge Dept. of Medicine   08035778786
37. Dr. Solomom K. Agishi Dept. of Voc and Tech Solomonagishi@yahoo.com 08036556570
38. Mr. Andrew Shar Gbakon Dept. of Chemistry andrewgbakon@gmail.com 08075875305
39. Dr. Simon Terver Ubwa Director, Academic Planning   070367048
40. Dr. Nguvan Akaagerger Dept. of Physics bnguvan@gmail.com 08036477997
41. Dr. Ukeyima Moses Dept. of Chemistry mosesukeyima@gmail.com 09075004372
42. Prof. Vange Terkimbi Dept. of Biostatistics tervange@gmail.com 08034790202
43. Tirlumun Ge Dept of Maths/Computer Sc. tirlumungi@yahoo.com 08091086561
44. Prof. Moses I. Ogbaji Dept. of Biostatistics ogbamosphd@yahoo.com 08036588168
45. Dr. Ogwuche O. I. Dept of Maths/Computer Sc. Innocent.ogwuche@yahoo.com 08062244376
46. Dr. Luter Leke Dept. of Chemistry    
47. Jude Tsavnande   jtsavnande@bsum.edu.ng 08069436880
University of Agriculture, Makurdi Staff
S/N Name Department e-mail Phone
48. Dr. Abraham Girgih   girgihusa@yahoo.com  
49. Prof. Moses Obasi Dept. of Biology moses.obasi@aun.edu.ng 08024236116
50. Dr. Daniel Ipilakyaa Dept. of Mech. Engr. ipilakyaa@yahoo.com 08063070213
51. Dr. Age Iorbee   akosoiorbee@yahoo.com  
52. Prof. Bibiana Igbabul Dean, Col. of Food Tech bibdeke@yahoo.com 08036060907
53. Prof. Ebenezer Ekefan     08051584263
54. Prof. John Igoli Dept. of Chemistry igoli@gmail.com 08130991308
55. Prof. Paul Annune Dept. of Biology   08066071479
56. Dr. Shola G. Solomon Dept. of Biology sholagabriel@yahoo.co.uk 07037275891
57. Prof. Ngozi Odiaka Dept. of Crop Production niodiaka@yahoo.com 08052745893
58. Prof. Simon Irtwange Dept. Agricultural Engr.    
59. Prof. Charles C. Ariahu Director, Consult. ccariahu@yahoo.com 08036804789
CEFTER Partners
S/N Name Designation e-mail Phone
60. Dr. Olayemi Folorunsho NSPRI offlinenspri@gmail.com 08037084591
61. Dr. Ukpabi Joseph Ukpabi NRCRI    
62. Dr. Ahemen Samuel AOCAY