The COVID-19 pandemic has led many institutions to develop protective equipment in managing the crisis. The Centre of Excellence in Transport and Logistics (CEALT) hosted by the University of Djibouti has joined in these enormous contributions.

The Centre in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Djibouti are producing face shields to support health workers in Djibouti. With the centre’s 3D printers, the collective effort between the faculty and the centre has resulted in the production of over 300 face shields. These face shields together with other devices such as ultraviolet sterilizers and disinfection tunnels have been distributed to various health facilities across the country. Moreover, measures are being put in place to produce ventilators for the health centres. Prototypes have been developed and awaiting the Ministry of Health’s approval.

The Centre of Excellence in Transport and Logistics (CEALT) plays an instrumental role in managing the COVID pandemic in Djibouti. Beside the production of face shields and other protection materials, the centre also has engaged in public sensitization campaigns on the spread of the virus. CEALT has also led the distribution of hand washing equipment and face masks to ensure the safety of students.

CEALT is a one of the 54 Centres of Excellence under the Africa Higher Education Centres of Excellence for Development Impact (ACE Impact) project. The Centre provides quality education and training in transport and logistics.