The African Center of Excellence in Maternal and Infant Health (CEA-SAMEF), hosted by the University of Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegal organized a health screening and awareness campaign for over 500 residents of Dakar. The event was organized in collaboration with the Institute of Social Pediatrics (IPS) Guédiawaye, Senegal on Saturday, September 1 2018. These residents were screened for various diseases and infections including; urinary tract infections in children, anemia in adolescents and children, breast and cervical cancer in women, among others. Coupled with the screening was a training session for health workers in preventive techniques and first aid care.

Again, on Monday, September 03, 2018, CEA-SAMEF launched another joint medical campaign in partnership with the Association of Student Surgeons and Dentists of Senegal (AECDS) in the Commune of Mboro. The campaign which provided free health screening for about five hundred (500) people including women and children was held at the Darou Khoudoss ICS health post in Dakar, Senegal. More than 35 doctors from all disciplines including dentists and pharmacist participated in this well meaning contribution to quality healthcare delivery.

The health screening also created awareness on the role of CEA-SAMEF in improving child and maternal health in Senegal. It also strengthened the partnership between the Center,  the Institute of Social Paediatrics (IPS) and Association of Student Surgeons and Dentists of Senegal (AECDS). Moreover, participants were sensitized on adolescent health, nutritional status of women and children among other health related issues.

Based on the enormous impact of the health screening, efforts are being made to perpetuate the event and make it a statutory one for CEA-SAMEF.

The Africa Centre of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health (CEA_SAMEF) is one of the six Centres under the Africa Centre of Excellence(ACE) project funded by the World Bank. The Centre since its inception has awarded more than 10 PhD scholarships to deserving students and introduced 13 short courses to train health staff.