Center Title and Acronym: Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Development and Sustainable Environment (CEADESE)

Host University and Country: Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Center Website Address:,,,

Center Director and email address: Prof. O. M. Onagbesan (

Primary Thematic Discipline of Center: Agriculture


Brief Description of Center: We run 2-year Masters and 3-year Doctorates with specializations in Livestock Science and Sustainable Environment, Crop Pasture Production and Sustainable Environment, Food Processing and Value Addition, Agricultural Mechanization and Sustainable Environment, Agricultural Economics and Sustainable Policy, and Environmental Systems and Climate Change. The Centre has fully integrated research in agriculture and its value chains, with the dynamics of the environment and its sustainability. Relying heavily on the world class faculty within and outside the University as well as an array of national and international partners, we have been delivering on the core mandates and objectives of the Center using three broad activities: continuous professional development for faculty, short term training activities for staff and students, and cutting edge research in collaboration with industry and other stakeholders in agriculture. Students carry out a minimum of 6 weeks of internship in about 50 agro-based industries located in Nigeria, Togo, Liberia, Gambia, Benin and Burkina Faso where industry needs are identified, and research problems are developed. CEADSE offers limited opportunities for full scholarships based on performance during entrance examination, notwithstanding every student is entitled to some funds for research and conference attendance. We presently have 82 MSc and 68 PhD students of different nationalities from Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Liberia and Gambia. Although lectures are delivered in English Language, the Centre uniquely runs English language classes for students from francophone countries and French language classes for students from Anglophone countries. Hence every student graduates with bilingual skills. In addition to the core specialization. The Centre has excellent laboratories with well-trained technologists, fully equipped hostel facilities, well stocked library with physical and electronic resources, very comfortable classrooms with modern teaching tools, and an ICT unit with video conferencing facility.


Key Objectives and Expected Outcomes: The Centre was envisioned to develop self-reliant agripreneurs that will feed sub-Saharan Africa now and in the future. The mission is to conduct teaching, applied research and extension for agricultural development in a sustainable environment within sub-Saharan Africa.


Major Accomplishments to Date: All 12 programs have national accreditation status from 2017 to 2022, twelve students have completed their M.Sc programs, 105 students have benefitted from internship placements, and 259 candidates participated in 6 Short Term Trainings in various thematic areas within the core mandate of the Centre. On research, a new breed of goats have been developed (KALAWAD) from KALAHARI and WAD. Poultry dropping pelletizing machine have been fabricated. Environmental impacts on livestock and crops, and impacts of climate change on the environment have been well established and documented.


Primary Regional and Global Partners: Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited; Bowen University, Nigeria; Babcock University, Nigeria; NIMET, Nigeria; Earth Sciences Department, University of Ghana, Abomey Calavi University, Benin; Songhai Institute, Benin; Purdue University, USA; Novus International, USA; Peregrine Academy, USA.


Senior Faculty Email Address Research Area
Professor Ariyo J. O Plant Breeding/Seed Technology
Professor Oluwatosin O. O. Animal Nutrition
Professor Akinyemi O. D. Environmental/Earth Physics
Professor Adewumi B. A Agricultural Mechanization
Professor Sanni L. O. Food Processing
Professor Afolami C. O. Agricultural Economics

Further inquiries: Olukayode D. Akinyemi (, +234 815 075 9516)